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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that September 19 is going to be a federal holiday to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which might have you wondering "what's open on Monday?"

The holiday means that federal employees across Canada will be getting a day off. But this has not been extended to workers in private and federally-regulated industries.

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Happy long weekend Toronto!  Wether you're heading to cottage country, a festival or just staying in the city, you're going to want to know what essentials will be available to you this long weekend.

While some places extend their hours during the holidays,  others sadly close their doors completely. So what’s open and closed this Monday (August 1st) ? We have you covered.

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Get the red and white flags and any other patriotic memorabilia you can possibly fit on your body because IT'S CANADA DAY THIS FRIDAY! Beaver tattoos on the face are highly encouraged but don't blame us if you get one by accident that's permanent. And because we are so blessed to live in such an unreal country, it's only natural that some people will want to celebrate all that Canada is! Which seems like it would need more than a day, but we're still talking to Trudeau about that.

There's so many amazing ways to celebrate Canada Day (hello fireworks!), but for some of us we still want to be able to check out some of our favourite Toronto spots. Here's a list of what will be open and closed this Canada Day. Make sure to call ahead to some of your more intimate local spots though, as they may have tweaked their hours!

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