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I took a weekend trip to go snowboarding in Whistler and it proved to me that, despite the cost, it's so worth it.

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The 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is one step closer to being held in B.C., and it would make Olympic Games history as the first Indigenous-led bid.

The possibility is now officially being explored by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC).

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Vancouverites, rejoice! November has reared its ugly, rainy head but now there's a silver lining to all this grey weather: it is finally snowing in the mountains!!!

The temperature at Whistler Mountain's peak at 12pm today was -5 degrees, with an Alpine Forecast of 15-20cm of snow! Whistler Village is expecting wet snow throughout the evening and flurries throughout the week.

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Winter is coming which means ski and board season is almost upon us and I'm sure I'm not the only one way too stoked about this. BC has a huge ski/board culture and we've got some of the best ski resorts in the world to fulfill all our mountain needs.

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