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Here in Toronto, we're pretty passionate about life; no matter how big, small or overlooked it may be. Perhaps the best example of the city's respect for life is #DeadRaccoonTO, where citizens created a memorial to commemorate the death of a raccoon on the sidewalk by Yonge and Church last year.

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Toronto is a city with plenty of coffee shops, and Torontonians are spoiled for choice. If you venture downtown, and you’re looking for a nice, quiet place to spend hours in, and sip coffee at snail pace, undisturbed, it’s not always easy to find a place where it will be not only the right atmosphere, and good quality coffee, but also a place that you can really feel at home inside for a couple hours, or sometimes even an entire day.

Places such as Starbucks and Timmies are everywhere, which is why none of the places included in this list are a neighbourhood’s Starbucks, Second Cup, or Timmies location. All of the coffee shops that made it to this list are indie classics that are only available in Toronto, or specific Toronto neighbourhoods. They excel at creating the perfect environment, for customers to stick around for long periods of time, undisturbed. We've compiled the top 8 indie Toronto coffee shops to spend hours in, so that you can spend more time thinking about visiting these places for your next date, casual get together with friends, or maybe even during your well deserved, quiet “me” time.

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The best thing about fall is that sitting in coffee shops becomes much more appropriate than it was in the summer, when you wanted to be outside all the time. And what goes better with coffee shops than a book you've been meaning to read for ages? This city has a lot to offer in terms of cozy coffee spots, but here are some of the ones we like to hit up.

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