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It might have missed out on any Oscar nominations, but this wild turkey in Ontario is the star of the province's newest and scariest horror film.

Filmed by Kevin Fancy in Seouls Corner, Ontario, this video of a nosy wild turkey rapping on a basement window at 6 a.m. is pure nightmare fuel.

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While the GTA is known for its raccoons, an uptick in Ontario wild turkey sightings is now also being reported. 

A distressed resident shared a video of themselves hiding from a wild turkey on Wednesday, claiming it had been attacking people for months.

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An Ontario PetSmart is being called out by a global charity after what they say was the discovery of unnatural living conditions of a snake along with other reptiles. 

World Animal Protection is calling for PetSmart to stop selling reptiles and amphibians altogether, citing the "multi-billion-dollar industry" as "cruel" and a risk to public safety in a statement.

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Florida has recently seen a spike in the number of invasive Pythons, which is why they have brought in an all-new team of snake-detecting dogs and they're amazing.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission assembled the team composed of a black lab named Truman and a point setter named Eleanor, and they just so happened to have gotten their first bust on Tuesday.

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Superstar actor Matthew McConaughey is pairing with his whiskey brand Wild Turkey to thank those who have helped others during the pandemic.

Four "Local Legends" were selected, each one being from a different city, and were each given a personalized gift for all of their hard work during what has been a challenging year for everybody.

Two of the heroes were given all-expense-paid vacations when the pandemic ends, while the other two were given significant financial donations to help their personal lives and organizations.

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