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Face it, the COVID-19 pandemic made Ontario's housing market stupidly unaffordable. As a result, home prices skyrocketed across the province, and smaller regions near big cities became record-breaking hot spots.

But, thankfully, for first-time home buyers living in those areas, what goes up, must come down.

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Millennials are no strangers to the grim reality of Ontario's housing market. But what if you were told that not every region sells $100K parking spots and half a million shoebox condos?

As it turns out, the farther you get outside the doom box that is the GTA, the more affordable things become. In fact, cities like Thunder Bay, Sudbury, and Windsor offer beautiful homes for under $300k.

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Higher temperatures are warming up parts of Ontario and we're starting to get some summer vibes.

But some spots in the province could see the hottest maximum temperatures in Canada in the near future, depending on the world's carbon emissions.

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If you think you know your Ontario wines, think again. There is a hidden wine country in Southern Ontario that often gets swept under the radar, and it's been around since the 1860s.

Right near the city of Windsor, in small towns from Amherstburg to Leamington, is EPIC Wine Country, Canada's hottest wine region that you've never been to. There are fourteen wineries in the area, each more beautiful than the last and full of fantastic wines to try.

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Ontario isn't the cheapest place to rent in Canada, but some cities are more affordable than others.

The Zumper Canadian Rent Report came out on September 15, and according to its findings, "with a majority of cities growing in monthly rent prices, Canada's rental market seems to be experiencing a strong recovery."

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