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After just one date, a French man in the U.S. has decided that American women are not for him, and TikTok had plenty to say about the issues that drove him to that conclusion.

Actor and TikToker Renan Pacheco decided to share his first date "disaster" with followers on the platform, and the hilarious video has already climbed over 18.3 million views.

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Snoop Dogg's got his mind on his cereal and his cereal on his mind with the new launch of his very own Snoop Loopz.

The famous rapper didn't think having his own line of cannabis, gin or wine was enough, so he's dipping his toe into the breakfast market with the launch of his new Snoop Loopz cereal line.

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If you could describe your perfect day out with your closest friends, would it involve lots, and we mean lots of wine? If you answered yes, then hold on to your hat because we have the minivacation for you!

In a quaint little town in central Texas called Fredericksburg, a world of wineries awaits your whole crew. Just a short drive from Austin, Barons Creek Vineyards is the perfect place to go in order to experience a friendly (and boozy) getaway in the Lone Star State.

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There's nothing more refreshing than crisp spring air and the sight of snow melting. Maybe the greenery starting to peek through will even inspire you to pick up some eco-friendly habits after being cooped up all winter.

To help you get back into the swing of spring, Lindeman's is hosting the Sunshine Station, a wine tasting pop-up, in Toronto's trendy stackt Market this May.

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If you consider yourself a wine-lover, there are so many great vineyards and estates across Canada that might be on your boozy bucket list.

Even if you don't consider yourself a connoisseur of the adult grape juice, trying out new regions and blends might help you find your new favourite addition to your date night or next fancy dinner party.

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