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A TikTok star just apologized to a woman who didn't appreciate getting flowers for a "random act of kindness" video, and he wants to smooth things over by giving her flowers. Again.

The woman, identified only as Maree, called out Harrison Pawluk last week after he tricked her into taking a bouquet of flowers for one of his viral TikTok stunts.

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Female tennis players and women at the Wimbledon Championships are challenging the tournament's all-white dress code as outdated, especially since it makes life that much harder for athletes who are menstruating.

The tournament has been enforcing these rules for 145 years, but critics say it's about time they loosen up their all-white rules to make the dress code more forgiving in 2022.

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England's Durham Police may have saved an Ontario woman's life from across the pond with their "quick-thinking."

On February 9, Durham Constabulary's Live Chat facility received a message from an Ajax woman reading, "I need help, he is going to come, he is in the house," according to a tweet.

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Have you already run out of things to stream? Don't worry; there are tons of new movies and shows on Netflix that you'll want to binge throughout May.

Fans of Zack Snyder's Justice League won't want to miss his new zombie show set in Las Vegas and starring Dave Bautista, who you might recognize as Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Thompson RCMP charged a woman twice for breaking Manitoba's COVID-19 restrictions with two parties in under 24 hours.

On April 17, police were called to an apartment complex where they found a large group of people inside an apartment with loud music that could be heard from outside. 

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