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A 33-year-old Toronto man is coming forward with a warning about his experience with the B.1.1.7 variant, which was identified in the U.K. 

Kevin Morris wrote on Twitter that he and his partner, 51-year-old Russell Day, had a "full-fledged fever and exhaustion" on March 6 after developing symptoms on March 2.

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After a seriously strange year so far, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has released their “words of the year” for 2020.

While the iconic dictionary usually chooses just one word for their annual round-up, it seems 2020 was too “unprecedented” to sum it up in the traditional way.

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Just how fluent is your Toronto slang? Chances are if you grew up around these parts, you're already well-versed in many of the phrases on this list.

Still, there are those of us who moved here much later in life and still have no idea what the word you heard on the street really means.

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