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Tourism is an important part of every country's survival. The employment of successful marketing strategies is a critical part in optimizing a country's appeal to travellers. And it's not only photos and descriptions that matter - every detail, down to the all-encompassing slogan, is vital.

Family Break Finder, a holiday deals website, created a map that displayed the tourism slogans of every country in the world, minus 38 that currently do not have one. If there's one thing we can learn from the map, it's that some countries definitely try harder to market themselves than others...

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Most of us have dreams to see the world, but the seemingly endless amount of possibilities it has to offer can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, one company has made your wanderlust ambitions easier to achieve with a single map that shows the #1 tourist attraction you must see in every country.

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Every country is known for something. Some countries are known for things they can be proud of; while others are known for things that, well, they'd probably rather not be associated with.

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