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If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that tickets for theme parks can be a little expensive on the regular. With Busch Gardens in Tampa building a new coaster expected for 2020, we theme park enthusiasts are already saving & planning our next trip, but they're running a great deal on their fun cards now, so it just might be time to cash in.

Busch Garden's yearly fun cards generally give guests access to the park for a single fee for the whole year in which it's purchased, excluding a few blackout dates during peak traffic days scattered throughout the year. However, this fun card deal extends from the remainder of the year all through 2020, and for less than you'd pay for a single day at the park.

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Like so many others, we too have felt the sting of jealousy when we see a bounce house at our 12-year-old cousin's birthday party adorned with a huge "NO ADULTS ALLOWED" sign. Luckily for us adults, the world's biggest inflatable theme park is coming to Sarasota — our inner kid is screaming.

It's as if the Heralds of Bounce House Heaven heard our sobbing pleas, bringing our wildest childhood dreams to life this November 1st through 3rd. Adults will have the chance to bounce kid-free in the world's largest bounce house — literally; this massive 10,000 square foot bounce haven actually has the Guinness World Record to back up the title.

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Photo cred - Al Ibrahim

As of 8:00am this morning, 4 Torontonians broke the world record for longest amount of time spent sitting around watching TV. Hanging out in a specially constructed house on Queen street, the group beat the standing 90 hour record by one hour. Some might say this is a spectacular feet for which they should be congratulated, others might argue that it's representative of the sad state of our times. I'll leave the decision up to you.

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