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Unique to the rest of Canada, British Columbia is blessed with an abundance of soft, sandy beaches and gorgeous water. Our position on the coastline makes us host to over 30 different shorelines to kick back on. It also means that no matter where you go, you're bound to find beautiful waters and an amazing place for a summer memories. 

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Oops, where did the time go? Surprise Vancouver, it's already the end of July. Did you get everything done on your summer bucket list? Or did you even have one to begin with? Well yes... that's an astounding amount of Netflix. That's actually pretty impressive. But while you wait for the next season of Stranger Things, why not capitalize the rest of summer? 

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British Columbia has often been considered the best province for scuba diving and is among North America's better dive destinations. The water may be a little chilly, but what lies beneath the surface is an entirely new world, teeming with life and crawling with opportunity to really explore BC. Of the many amazing dive sites across the province, shipwrecks always standout as especially entrancing due to their extraneous nature. There is just something so creepy, yet incredibly captivating about seeing what so clearly belongs above water resting peacefully on the sea floor.

BC has numerous diveable wrecks, but some of the more popular ones make up what is know as the “Wreck Trek.” These underwater playgrounds are absolutely spectacular so I encourage anyone looking for a new adventure to embark down this exhilarating path. Getting your scuba certifications is so much fun and having the ability to breath underwater is truly one of the coolest experiences a human can have. For those of you who already scuba, these wrecks should definitely be on your list and to those entertaining the idea of getting gills – do it! You'll have a few courses to take at Ocean Quest before making it to these wrecks, but every dive is wonderful and now you know what waits for you down the road.

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