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We are only two episodes into the new season of Big Brother Canada and it has already been a wild journey. 

The season's first eviction episode took place on Thursday, March 4, and the decision was unclear right up until the final moments. 

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On Wednesday, March 3, the Ontario Superior Court revealed the verdict in the Toronto van attack trial

Alek Minassian, who killed 10 people and injured 16 while driving down several blocks of Yonge Street in North York on April 23, 2018, has been found guilty of all 26 counts. 

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One duo found themselves in a pretty awkward situation last Friday. 

A pair of Ontario burglars were apologetic after they discovered that they accidentally broke into the wrong house.

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Seems like our neighbours don't know a lot about us. With the drawn-out U.S. election, Canada's provinces and territories are in the spotlight because a viral tweet is trying to get Americans to name them all. People's attempts at listing out all 13 are pretty hilarious.

If you've been watching non-stop U.S. election coverage, you might know more states and even specific counties than you ever did before.

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A beloved Canadian treat! How Tim Hortons Timbits are made was explained with wrong answers only and the responses are absolutely hilarious. They're so good that we even wish some of them were true. 

These little donut holes are social media stars with people investigating if they're accurate for measuring physical distancing, debating what they're called or picking which is the best.

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