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Cardi B might've missed her calling as an on-air sports reporter, after giving followers her live commentary on a sinking yacht outside her window.

The Bodak Yellow singer had followers cracking up over the weekend with the video on her social media, where she gives a running play-by-play of the boat as it goes down outside her luxury villa.

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When engineers started building Rotterdam's famous Koningshaven Bridge in the late 1800s, they definitely didn't expect it to be a problem for the mega-yachts of 2022.

Officials in the Dutch city say they're planning to partially dismantle the iconic bridge, nicknamed "De Hef," and they're doing it entirely because of "De Jeff."

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Forget quarantine hotels, how does relaxing on a private quarantine yacht sound? 

Thailand’s yacht quarantine plan means that visitors can now spend their mandatory isolation period in the middle of the ocean — a move designed to boost the country’s tourism industry.

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In the summer, we all want to be on the water as much as possible. The shining sun high in the sky, the water smooth as glass, the gentle roar of a boat engine, as you fly across the bay whilst tubers hang on for dear life as they flail about behind the boat. Or maybe you are more of sailor, and your idea of boating is a windy sunset as you sip on local wine amongst friends, reveling in the stunning beauty of BC's coastline. No matter your preference, when it comes to enjoying a day on the water, BC has many splendid places sure to satisfy your boating needs.

No matter where you are in the province, there is always a lake or stretch of coastline deemed a world class boating playground nearby. Few places in the world offer such a diversity of boating locales, from the salty sea to some of freshest lakes on the planet.

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There isn't a much better way to spend your summer than on the water. Instead of renting a hotel room for your weeklong, well-deserved vacation, consider another option. If you enjoy a little adventure, direct access to the waterfront, and the ability to do as you please on the open seas, this alternative to a land-dwelling holiday will have you sailing with excitement. Make the most of the warm weather by chartering a yacht with your friends, split the cost, sit back and cruise the majestic B.C. coastline. Or just relax on the water and wake up every morning to the fresh sea air.

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