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If you thought Edmonton couldn't get any more epic, well it is! You seriously don't even need to leave for a vacation this summer with so much going on. Canada's greatest (and only) attractions are here and some are brand spankin' new!

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Dessert, Dessert, Dessert! The most desirable meal of the day. The time to get in our sugar fix and not necessarily feel guilty about it. Okay, maybe we'll feel a little guilty about it. But I promise you, these foodgasms will definitely be able to suppress any food guilt that may arise.

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You can tell a lot about a person by their Instagram aesthetic. Do their photo filters blend nicely? Do they alternate their depth-of-field? Do I feel at peace or slightly hungry when I scroll through their feed? While your Instagram aesthetic may seem like a really odd and arbitrary thing to feel this strongly about, it helps you feel slightly more accomplished and put together. You won't hesitate before shamelessly saying, "follow me on Instagram." (Seriously, you can't promote an aesthetically displeasing Instagram, what are you doing?)

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Alberta has a ton of haunted places and urban legends that leave us up all night wondering if they're really true. Sometimes, the real paranormal activity is right in our own backyard. So, naturally, we are inclined to grab the Scooby gang and check it out.

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It can often be hard to find things to do with your best friend around the city. You spend almost all your time together and often feel like you've exhausted every activity. You've been to every restaurant, coffee shop and have walked the entire surface area of WEM window shopping too many times to count.

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