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Edmonton. YEG. 780. Whatever you want to call it, this city is home. And when people decide that they want to move out of the city to pursue their dreams, there's nothing wrong with that for we all have dreams. But sometimes they forget where they came from and that Edmonton has grown over the past few years.

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University: the place you go to further your education, attain more knowledge and make new friends along the way. Edmonton is home to many great universities, but we chose to focus on the University of Alberta for this particular list. It is the largest university campus in Edmonton so odds are you or some people you know may just be enrolled there.

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Don't get us wrong, we got mad love for our city, but there comes a time where we get so comfortable with the lifestyle that nothing really shocks us anymore. From the glare of the Christmas Tree lights on the Telus Tower to the LRT bridge being lit up, we are so used to it!

Edmonton aka #YEG is home without a doubt and it like to play by its own rules for it doesn't take orders from any other city, not even Calgary (no offense). In sickness and in health or until death due us part, Edmonton will always be in our lives, both good or bad. But sometimes when you're in a long-term relationship, you need a break from it all and there's nothing wrong with that. In relation to that statement, below are 22 signs that you have been in Edmonton for too long.

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