If you're like me, you once dreamed of owning a home in your childhood neighbourhood. Maybe your favourite with red brick, white pillars and a wrap around porch. Or a huge garden and a in-ground pool. This is usually the image kids grow up thinking about - what to expect when they grow up. Who they'll be and where they'll live.

Well according to these news stats from RedPin, we can kiss home ownership goodbye - at least, for a very very long time. Two separated real estate companies conducted their own studies to conclude that millennials will need to rake in some serious cash before ever owning a pair of house keys. The average cost of a detached home in Toronto is a cringe-worthy $1.15 million, meaning that you and your partner would have to be bringing in $200,000 to call the place your own.

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In his new documentary 'Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life', the Forever singer went into chilling details of his relationship with Rihanna. Brown was arrested and convicted in 2009 for the infamous assault the night of the 09' Grammy's.

Brown disclosed that he and Rihanna had a 'toxic relationship' prior to that evening. Brown had cheated on Rihanna with a woman that used to work for him, which was the beginning of the end for the two.

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This Friday, Netflix will release a new film titled To The Bone starring Lily Collins, a film who's plot revolves around a girl suffering from anorexia nervosa. The film follows the protagonist, Ellen, through her fifth-and-final round of treatment. Ellen throughout the movie tries to figure out both how to live and eat, as she literally appears to be a walking corpse to both her family and viewers.

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