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Nothing says comfort food like a juicy leg of some fried chicken. Fried chicken has been a crowd favourite since the beginning of time. There's just something so addicting about the well-seasoned fried batter, juicy meat and delicious taste that stays on your tongue the entire day.

You could stick to the fast food classics like KFC and Popeyes, but why would you want to limit yourself? There are plenty of places in Toronto that serve some of the most delish and "Instagrammable" fried chicken dishes around.

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Toronto's ability to morph into a variety of American cities makes it attractive to directors and producers trying to get the most bang for their buck.  Our city offers unique vistas and state of the art production companies that can transform Toronto into a Dystopian metropolis like that in Cosmopolis or a city over run by video game characters like in Pixels. Here is a list of 20 of Toronto's best cinematic representations. Can you spot the Toronto landmarks?

Photo cred- Jake Cadaverous

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Photo cred - Giiiniiii

No matter what you do Valentine's day is alive and well. It's hard to avoid the looks of pure bliss on the faces of those happily in love, strolling down Yonge street, hand-in-hand with their lover. It's the freakin' worst.

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