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Homeownership in Ontario is like a double rainbow — it exists but you don't see it every day.

A new report by RE/MAX on homeownership rates in the Canadian real estate market reveals just how rare a young adult buying a home really is.

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There are only so many other cities in the world that can compare to the world that lives and breathes in the city of Toronto. Nothing beats cheap morning coffees from Timmies, the love/hate relationship with the TTC and the breathtaking views of the 6ix. That being said, it's no wonder that most people from Toronto would agree that there's no other city that feels that home. Some people were meant to travel all over the world while others were meant to stay in the 6ix and completely slay. Yeah it's always cool to explore your horizons and see what's out there but at the end of the day you know that all the cosmos and hocus pocus in the world have destined for you conquer the city of TO like a boss.

Whether you clicked on this article to confirm your fate or you genuinely do wonder where your future is destined to be, here are 16 signs that you were meant to love and thrive in the great city of Toronto.

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Being in your 20s is somewhat terrifying.  Your 20's can consist of a lot of your life's milestones.  Moving out for the first time, heart-break, new love, graduation, traveling, finding a real job, or maybe even starting a family.

Whether you have experienced some of these milestone yet or not, there are definitely a few habits you need to ditch before you can call yourself a full-fledged "adult".

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