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Influencer Gabbie Hanna is back on TikTok after her intense video-posting streak ended suddenly, and her new videos are doing nothing to reassure fans who are still worried about her health.

Hanna posted well over 100 videos on Tuesday and Wednesday before posting one last clip about a break-in and then disappearing off TikTok for about 24 hours.

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All eyes have been on Gabbie Hanna's TikTok this week, after she posted over 150 videos of herself dancing, singing and ranting about topics like religion and death over an intense day-long stretch.

Her videos, many of which have now amassed millions of views, left followers concerned about her mental health. Fans also asked for someone to do a wellness check — especially after she claimed to be facing a break-in just before her video streak ended.

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Fans of the YouTube and TikTok star Gabbie Hanna are seriously concerned about the influencer's well-being, after she posted dozens of videos showing her saying and doing some pretty bizarre things.

Hanna posted over 150 videos over the course of about 48 hours this week, each one of those being watched hundreds of thousands of times. The clips show her dancing, singing, laughing and ranting about topics like religion, aliens and many other things that don't all quite make sense.

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Snakes evolved to move around without legs many millions of years ago, but one YouTuber is here to "fix" that with a bizarre invention that's either terrifying, hilarious or just adorable.

Allen Pan, a Los Angeles-based engineer and self-proclaimed "snake lover," says he's invented a cyborg-style suit of legs for the reptiles.

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Imagine a world where your nine-to-five job was filled with candy tasting, rating chocolate, and frequently visiting a warehouse stocked to the brim with imported treats.

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