Summer is almost here — meaning the days are getting longer and hotter, and now is the time to get out and enjoy a little bit of that Regina heat! Although it’s always nice to sit back on a patio and sip a few margaritas, drinking definitely doesn’t have to be on the menu to have some summer fun in the city. 

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The outdoor season for the farmers' market has officially begun and there's nothing that reminds us of summer like crowded sidewalks full of local produce, homemade goods, and of course food trucks parked on City Square Plaza. 

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It's days like this where we can't get enough grab-n-go style eats in cardboard boxes and late-afternoon lunches spent hanging on the grass in Victoria Park. Is there anything better than eating outside in the summer sun? That kind of seasonal happiness is pretty hard to beat. 

And while our minds are on the topic of food, here are 9 super tasty food trucks you have to try this summer in Regina: 

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Spring has officially shown up to the seasonal party and it coasted right on in riding a heat wave that could easily be mistaken for summerYou'd swear May is trying to make June jealous by showing up hotter than usual but that is one temperamental dispute that I'm not willing to break up

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The main reason being that patio season got itself an early start and I can barely contain my excitement.

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We've officially entered the season where dating starts to get real fun again. Not that we aren't fans of Netflix & Chill marathons but truthfully, those get kind of boring after a while and summer doesn't do boring. It's time to switch your dating game up and show your girl how much fun it is to be with you. 

And if you're feeling stuck on how exactly you're going to crank up the fun meter in your relationship, don't you worry, I got you. From sunset gazing to music festivals, you're about to have the best summer yet with your ultimate partner in crime.

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Here's a list of 18 things to do with your girlfriend this summer in Regina. Pssst, she's gonna love you for this. 

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The Internet is obsessed with pets. From cats with resting bitch face to goats wearing pajamas, the world has absolutely lost their minds over furry little creatures with personalities so adorable that we completely forget to act like mature adults. Instead, we turn into a bunch of googly-eyed super babies that start speaking in English terms that even we ourselves don't understand.

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