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If you've recently moved to Regina and you've been having a lot of WTF moments, I apologize. We don't exactly size up when it comes to being a thriving metropolis where something new and exciting is happening every single day. Regina is the kind of city that seems to grow in slow motion so it might take some time for it to jump on the big city bandwagon with everyone else.

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Regina isn't your typical city. Most of the time, it's because it feels more like a really big small town than it does a thriving metropolis. We don't know what it's like to take the metro to work, to go out every night of the week, and to take part in exciting events like a Beyonce concert or a rooftop party.

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Let me get real with you here for a minute, being single is hard. It involves a lot of putting yourself out there in hopes of finding someone that's totally into you and vice versa. The trials and tribulations of modern romance can be difficult to get through when you've had so many bad dates that you'd rather just stay home and hang out with your cat.

At times, it seems a bit disheartening, especially when you realize that the majority of your friends are no longer single. You wonder if you missed out on the "how to get a boyfriend" memo and eventually cave into downloading Tinder for the 10th time until you get completely bored of it again.

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It's during this time of the year where we start to think that winter in Regina is just the beginning of a slow, impending death. I hate to be so surly right before Christmas but have you seen the weather outside? It's like the beginning of a snowpocalypse. Just not any kind of snowpocalypse either, it's a Saskatchewan one and I've heard they're the worst kind.

The worst part about winter is that eventually, we're going to have to go outside and face the grueling wind chill and frigid cold temperatures that come along with it. By now, we've accepted that this is the fate we deserve by choosing to live in Regina, Saskatchewan of all places.

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We have this impression that the dating scene in Regina is pretty mediocre. That necessarily isn't the case! I blame Tinder for its half-assed attempts at grabbing dinner and drinks or just going straight for a night of Netflix & Chill. For those who are no strangers to the dating game, isn't it about time we starting thinking outside the box? I'm tired of having the same conversation over beers at Leo's and I'm sure many of you can relate.

For all my fellow singles looking to shake things up, consider this your new and improved non-alcoholic dating guide to Regina. It's easy to forget that there is sober fun to be had in this city, when you're going on dates that only involve sitting at tables and drinking pints. Don't get stuck doing the same thing date after date! Instead, take this bucket list and make dating in Regina great again!

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