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Starbucks. The holy grail of coffee shops. Honestly, what would the world be without Starbucks? We'd probably all just not care about fall that much, because the pumpkin spice latte wouldn't exist. How sad would that be?! No passion tea lemonade in the summer, no peppermint mocha in the winter. I mean, I'm sure we would survive, but trends like the unicorn Frappuccino wouldn't happen and that's sad enough on it's own. 

Even though we all love our Starbucks, the drinks can get pretty caloric depending on what you order. We all know Frappuccino's aren't the healthiest option, but everything in moderation, right? There are a ton of ways you can make a Starbucks drink healthy, you just have to be willing to give up other things, but I guarantee you'll love the options. 

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2017 has been amazing for new spots in Ottawa. From new bars with the most amazing view of Parliament, to new poké bowl restaurants, to a new bubble waffle ice cream shop, it's a great year for your foodie bucket list. And we're about to add one more to that. And this one is a must. 

Casa México opened at the beginning of September, and that was enough time to make it popular AF. This family owned restaurant is authentic and delicious, and will totally make you feel like you're on a trip in Mexico. 

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There are a ton of hidden gems in Ottawa. From restaurants to random waterfalls, Ottawa is a pretty secretive city. And this restaurant is definitely up there with the best. 

Eclipse Asian Cuisine, which is located in Gloucester, is the most amazing Asian buffet. Did I mention how cheap it is? Asian buffets in Ottawa are hard to find, besides the obvious Mandarin but we all know that restaurant is good. Eclipse Asian Cuisine has a cheap AF menu you can order off of as well, if you're not much of a buffet person like myself. 

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Out of all of Ottawa's neighbourhoodsChinatown has to be one of the coolest. From the absolutely stunning Royal Arch that welcomes you into the neighbourhood to the food, you know it's going to be a good time. 

If you've never been to Asia, Ottawa's Chinatown is the next best thing. You're bound to find at least 5 restaurants that you'll keep coming back to and still want to try all the others. A ton of the restaurants in Chinatown are either Chinese or Vietnamese, which no one is complaining about. In my opinion, these 13 places are the most delicious places to eat in Chinatown. Enjoy!

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There are definitely a ton of underrated (and overrated) places in Ottawa. Sometimes you just want to bring out the hipster inside of you and find a restaurant that no one knows about, or that's completely underrated. 

Whether you're the first to try out an adorable new bubble tea shop or the last to try a popular pizza spot, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you tried it and know what all the secret hype is about. Hidden gems aren't hard to find, but they don't come around often. Underrated spots are the ones to look out for! So here are the restaurants true Ottawans known are super underrated. 

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