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If you're dreaming of lush getaway but can't splash out on a big international trip, it might be time to check out some options that are a little closer to home.

Camping is of course a popular thing to do in Canada, but to really take it up a notch, you can try spending a night or two in a yurt, which is a portable, circular dwelling that are traditional to Central Asia.

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Leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler so there's no time to waste in planning this glamping getaway to Mount Engadine Lodge. Start packing your coziest sweaters to spend the night in these adorable yurts hidden away in the Canadian Rockies.

Editor's Choice: Alberta Nurses Are Stuck In Isolation Without Pay Because Of A COVID-19 Outbreak

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Sometimes getting lost in nature and stepping back from reality is what the weekends are for. You can head to High Falls State Park in Georgia to have some tranquility and quietness away from the city. There are even affordable waterfront yurts you can rent for a night or two so you don't have to rough it out and camp on the cold hard ground.

High Falls State Park is just above Macon, Georgia, and is a popular spot for camping and hiking the forested trails. It's also home to the tallest cascading waterfall south of Atlanta according to Georgia State Parks, so you're in for some fantastic views when you visit here.

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Florida's gorgeous state parks are a wonder to explore, from coastal gems to deep forest trails. One perfect Florida camping spot is Torreya State Park near Tallahassee. Here, you'll find adorable yurts that you can rent for cheap.

Narcity spoke with a park manager at Torreya State Park and confirmed that while the original yurts had been destroyed by Hurricane Micheal in 2017, the park rebuilt them.

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