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Let's talk about one of the biggest struggles of watching food videos on Buzzfeed. You've clicked on some cookie dough ice cream or insane deep dish pizza only to find out that it's only served in New York. Now as far as you know, Vancouver doesn't have an equivalent and you're now left to wish about the food-porn that never was. 

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When you think about it, night markets are the pinnacle dream of any food lover. You come hungry, leave happy, and if you're still hungry - you pass by McDonald's on your way home. What a time to be alive. The only downside, is that night markets can be rather distant for some people. The Richmond Night Market is nearly at the airport, and an hour-something commute each way. 

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IT'S FINALLY BACK! The long wait is over! North America's biggest and baddest night market, the Richmond Night Market is back in action tonight, Friday, May 12, at 7PM.

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Okay, I know what you're thinking. You're probably guessing that I'm going to talk about the Meet Fresh that's opening soon on Robson. As much as we're excited as well, you guessed wrong.

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Okay. Real talk. Writing this list of "bucket list" foods to eat in Vancouver was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do because honestly, THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD FOOD HERE!

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