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Victoria International Airport has reopened after police were called in to investigate a "potential risk" on Tuesday. Airport authorities have confirmed that "an incendiary item and inert surplus military supplies," were found in checked luggage.

Parts of the airport were closed and around 20 flights were cancelled between 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, while an investigation was conducted, according to a press release.

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Pack your bags, because Lynx Air is making that much-needed vacation way more affordable if you live in B.C. and Alberta.

The "ultra-affordable" airline just launched this year and is now expanding to more routes throughout Canada. The airline just announced that its network now includes flights in Victoria — its latest West Coast edition.

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Who blinked and realized it was April? Hands up. We are already 4 months into 2017 and that can only mean that those gorgeous three months of summer that we get on the West Coast are coming up quick!

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Let's admit it, Vancouver Island is a pretty sweet place to visit but have you ever tried living there? I have. I spent 7 years on Vancouver Island so I feel pretty qualified to write this article.

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Tacos! Not just for Tuesdays anymore. Victoria may be small but they have insane taco game. Soft shell, hard shell, and something called tacones, the island has you covered.

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