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Happy "Friday Jr." and first day of the final month of 2022 — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

Off The Top: French scientists say they have successfully revived a so-called "zombie" virus that had been safely frozen in Siberian permafrost for about 48,500 years. But have no fear! The revival effort is apparently just a practice run to prepare for the event that climate change could unearth thousands of other long-dormant viruses, according to one scientist at a remote research base who is becoming increasingly agitated while quite obviously hiding the gash on his arm from his colleagues.

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Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) has been trying to rebuild its damaged reputation since the summer, but despite some more recent improvements, it seems people aren't forgetting the airport's troubles very quickly.

Pearson Airport was just named the "most stressful" airport in North America and the fourth most stressful airport in the world.

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Long lineups at security, baggage wait times, and flight delays were the headlines of a chaotic summer at Canada's busiest airport and a new booking system has been introduced to try and make things move a little faster.

Toronto Pearson International Airport has unveiled a virtual system that will allow passengers to book their spot in line for airport security ahead of time.

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Your flight at Toronto Pearson Airport may be slightly more expensive in the new year.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), which is the operator of Pearson Airport, announced that it will be increasing the airport aeronautical rates and the airport improvement fee (AIF) come January 1, 2023, according to a press release.

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Drake has now cleared the air about whether or not he took a 14-minute flight from Toronto to Hamilton.

Rumours that the 6ix God took his jet for a quick trip began circulating after Celebrity Jets, an automated Twitter account that tracks celeb flights, tweeted out that his jet had landed in Hamilton after a short journey on July 22.

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