Marijuana is set to become legal in Canada later this year, but that’s creating headaches for users who travel to the United States because it isn’t legal in the vast majority of American states. 

So if you use cannabis and an American border officer asks you whether or not you do what should you tell them? 

The Canadian Government says that you should tell the truth, but that can be a really bad idea according to one American lawyer.  

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Scott Railton, an immigration lawyer in Bellingham, Washington says that there is the potential you may not just be turned back at the border for saying you use pot, but that you may end up being banned from the States for the rest of your life. 

Instead Railton suggests that you simply refuse to answer any questions about marijuana use, which, unlike lying, isn’t illegal.  

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The worst that can happen in that case is that you can be turned away from the border on that day, but it’s really unlikely that you’ll be banned forever. 

“I have never seen a case where someone has refused to answer a question regarding past marijuana use and they’ve been barred for life. I have never seen that happen,” he says. 

He said if you get turned away you can still go back to the border in your life and you’ll likely have a different officer there who may not care about you refusing to answer questions about pot and will let you through.    

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So if you use pot and go to the border it seems
it's in your best interest to simply refuse to answer questions about it. 

Source: Global News