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This Florida artist has gone viral on Twitter the past few weeks for posting his unconventional food art — oil paintings of our favorite foods from childhood.

Noah Verrier is a Tallahassee resident and former art professor at Florida State University who specializes in alla prima (wet-on-wet) oil paintings. However, the traditional still life of a bowl of fruit piques no interest in Verrier, "See, that stuff is boring to me," he tells Narcity.

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Here is your daily dose of morning news that will make you scratch your head: Donald Trump is making "Frorida" trend on Twitter. In a tweet made a little after 8 a.m. this morning thanking the "massive crowds" that showed up to his Florida visit, President Trump misspelled the state's name. Oops.

Editor's Choice:Florida Seems To Be 'Going Blue' As Trump Trails Behind Biden In A Surprising Shift

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Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Georgia governor Brian Kemp are currently trending on Twitter as people discuss who they think should win for being the worst state leader.

Both DeSantis and Kemp have faced major criticism lately for not enacting statewide mask mandates, with Kemp going so far as to ban local mandates, prompting a response from Savannah Mayor Van Johnson on Twitter.

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