Downtown Tallahassee has one of the most beautiful parks to take a stroll during the night. Chain of Parks is a local park surrounded by live oak trees and covered in lights providing a whimsical atmosphere to the otherwise unlively streets of downtown.

Whether you visit during the day or night time, Chain of Parks offers a beautiful backdrop for your next photo shoot session. It's not hard to see why some engagements and proposals have taken place at this park.

Every year, Chain of Parks hosts an art festival bringing a flood of activities and cultural awareness to the streets of downtown Tallahassee. Though you don't have to wait until spring to enjoy the magic view at night.

Each night the park transforms into a Christmas-like scene showcasing live oak trees lined up on Park Avenue. The year-round illumination creates the perfect setting for a romantic stroll after dining at one of the nearby restaurants.

If you've never been to this side of Florida, it is time you pack your bags and explore your state's capital. 

Downtown Tallahassee also offers many shopping venues nearby such as Midtown District, The Market District and Governor's Square Mall.

Numerous boutiques and local eateries offer an Old Florida experience with a mix of tropical vibes and Southern groove. From a summer wonderland to a morning walk, Chain of Parks is always a good idea when the bucket list has run out of options.

Chain of Parks

Address: 125 N. Gadsden St., Tallahassee, FL 32301

Why you need to go: This park offers a romantic night stroll surrounded by oak trees covered in lights. It is so unlike anywhere else in the area; offering an atmosphere fit for a fairytale.