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30 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are Less Than 3 Hours Away From Tampa

Those caves will have you gasping.
30 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are Less Than 3 Hours Away From Tampa

Tampa has so many hugely popular things to see and do. You know, the stuff that everyone has done at least once and likely more depending on how often your relatives visit. 

We have Busch Gardens. The Aquarium. The Zoo. The amazing white sands of Clearwater Beach. 

In short, there's a lot. But what if you want to get away for the day? Try something new? For all the places on this list, you can just up and go and be back in time for a loaded margarita at Green Lemon.

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1. Wine tour at Fiorelli Winery

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Grab your squad and head to The Fiorelli Winery. They produce anywhere from six to ten Italian inspired wines each year. As if you needed a reason to drink more wine.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

2. Descend into the Devil's Den

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The caves of the Devil's Den are something everyone should see for themselves.

Time from Tampa: 2 hours 30 minutes

3. Swim with the manatees

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The Plantation has tours you can take to swim with these adorable, gentle animals. You know what else they call manatees? Sea cows. How adorable is that?

Time from Tampa: 1 hour 30 minutes

4. Fall from the sky at Skydive City

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This one isn't for everyone, but if you're feeling fearless, drive out to Zephyrhills to SkyDive City for a once in a lifetime view of the Sunshine State.

Time from Tampa: 40 minutes

5. While you're in Zephyrhills grab some local beers

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Who says Florida doesn't do craft beer right? Check out the big selection of local beers at the Zephyrhills Brewing Company. Take some home? Yes, please.

Time from Tampa: 40 minutes

6. Swing from the trees

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TreeHoopers Aerial Adventure Park is fun with or without kids. I mean, who doesn't want to zipline?

Time from Tampa: 40 minutes

7. Scalloping in Crystal River

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Everyone knows Florida has some of best fishing there is. And Crystal River ranks as the best of the best. But what really sets this area apart is the scalloping.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour and 30 minutes

8. See a store with more Harry Potter merch than you can shake a wand at

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Warning: it's no muggles allowed at this amazing shop sure to satisfy all your wizarding needs. Mad Dragon Studio will have you feeling like Hermione in no time. Minus Ron on your arm of course.

Careful, or your credit card will be liviosing out of your purse to protect itself.

Time from Tampa: 40 minutes

9. Find even the rarest shells at Sanibel Island

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You'll be thinking about opening your first Etsy store once you see all the beautiful shells on Sanibel Island's gorgeous beaches.

Time from Tampa: 3 hours

10. Get meal prepping at the Sanibel Island Farmer's Market

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The fresh stuff here will make meal prepping for the week easy. If cooking isn't your thing be sure to take home some guac from Dynasty Guacamole. After a long afternoon walking around, be sure to cool down with a glass of the watermelon green tea.

Time from Tampa: 3 hours

11. Eat all the MonKey Bread at Tin City

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Ok, ok. So this is maybe too far to go for just MonKey Bread (although don't assume anything until you try it!) but Tin City has a bunch of other cool things to check out.

Try the blueberry bread and pretend it's healthy.

Time from Tampa: 2 hours 30 minutes

12. Walk the boardwalk at Barley Barber Swamp

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Who said swamps were ugly? Walk the mile-long boardwalk to see some of mother nature's prettiest creations. This swamp also has the second oldest Cyprus tree in America.

Time from Tampa: 2 hours 40 minutes

13. Do everything at Okeechobeefest

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Ok, so maybe this one is a little less spontaneous. No need to go to Coachella to see all the cool clothes when we have our very own awesome festival. Held in March, The Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is the best place to see festival and boho fashion in all of Florida. The festival gets huge artists like Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Mumford & Sons, and The Lumineers.

Time from Tampa: 2 hours

14. Try the unique wines of Bunker Hill

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The Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery has some really cool wines as well as a different approach to wines. Convince your friends you're an amateur sommelier by talking about how thick their grape skins are and how they use the skins in the making of the wine.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

15. See the wonderfully strange world of Dali

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Located in St. Petersburg, the Dali Museum is one of the best places in the world to see the works of this (in)famous surreal master.

Time from Tampa: 30 minutes

16. Experience the impossible-to-describe Sea Hagg

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Just past Bradenton lies the strange wonder that is the Sea Hagg. Part store, part curiosities, there is plenty to gaze at here. Everything in this one-of-a-kind store has a nautical theme. Every Floridian needs to come here at least once.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

17. Grab a bite at the Bubble Room

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This unique restaurant is pure Florida. According to their website, "it's always Christmas at the Bubble Room." Their menu items include "The Sky is Falling," "Mariyn Mignon," and "Alice in Wonderland."

From the staff in scout uniforms to the human gorilla cage this place has more kitsch than the rest of Florida combined.

Time from Tampa: 3 hours

18. Swap something

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Head up to Webster for Florida's largest flea market. Part of the Swap-O-Rama chain, the Webster Westside Market is only open on Mondays. This market attracts serious collectors and antique dealers looking for a diamond in the rough.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

19. Try aerial yoga

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3 sols Fitness is one of the few places where you can this cool form of Yoga. Namaaste.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

20. Search for real treasure

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At the Fort Drum Crystal Mine you can look for actual real crystals. Maybe you'll find the Heart of the Ocean.

Time from Tampa: 2 hours

21. Tour an actual ranch

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The Babcock Ranch near Fort Myers has a 90-minute eco-tour that lets you see a real working cattle ranch. You can also hop on their camouflage-painted bus for a swamp buggy tour.

Time from Tampa: 2 hours

22. Eat some great seafood in a real fishing village

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Cortez is a great little town with some awesome food. Check out the Seafood Shack if you're not sure which place to try.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

23. Ride the dinosaurs

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Channel your inner child at Dinosaur World. Just east of Tampa in Plant City, you can imagine yourself in a real life Jurassic World. Despite the lack of Chris Pratt, there's still cool stuff like hundreds of life-size dinosaurs! Plus, the attraction is dog-friendly. Who's doesn't love dogs?

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

24. Stay in Plant City to try blueberry wine

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Who doesn't love wine? But have you tried blueberry wine? The Keel and Curley Winery specialty is wine made from blueberries. The winery bottles three different kinds including so they have something whether you like your wines sweet or dry.

Time from Tampa: 30 minutes

25. Build anything you can imagine

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Legoland is an amazing place for anyone, so don't think you have to go with kids. There's botanical gardens, a water park, and rides. And everywhere you look there are incredible Lego sculptures. The best part is the Lego building zone where you create anything. No wonder Lego is the world's best-selling toy. Just be careful where you step.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour

26. See one of the most beautiful spots in the state

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Located near Lake Wales, Bok Tower Gardens has epically pretty gardens as well as the majestic Singing Tower. Standing over 200 feet high, inside the Tower is a "carillon" which is a huge musical instrumental made from 60 cast iron bells that are played with an attached keyboard. The bells range in weight from just 16 pounds to over 10 tons.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour and 30 minutes

27. Head to Pine Island

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Another great stretch of Florida that is definitely worth spending some time if you haven't seen these pristine beaches. Pine Island is a great place to soak in the sun or see a gorgeous sunset.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour and 30 minutes

28. And then head to Cabbage Key if you have time

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Although the rumors that Jimmy Buffett named "Cheeseburger in Paradise" after this island and its restaurant are likely just that, rumors, he did once dedicate the song to the staff there and was a patron.

Time from Tampa: 1 hour and 30 minutes + the ferry

29. Catch a classic movie

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The Polk Theatre in nearby Lakeland holds shows, community events, and even sometimes screens classic movies.

Time from Tampa: 40 minutes

30. Eat some gelato with beer

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Who doesn't love cool treats? Especially when you're trying to beat the Florida heat. Nearby Palm Harbor is a cool place to hang out for a day. When you're there, be sure to sample as much gelato as you can at downtown's Coolside Gelato Bar. Feeling adventurous? Go for the Beerlato.

Time from Tampa: 50 minutes

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