Bucket lists are important. They challenge us to try new things and keep things interesting. Which is exactly why we've put together a list of the adventures across Florida that you absolutely must include on your bucket list!

Make it a romantic journey with bae, grab a group of friends, or venture out solo. No matter how you choose to adventure, we promise these locales won't disappoint!

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Swamp Tour

Where: 4500 Joe Overstreet Rd, Kenansville

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Is there anything more Floridian than gators and sunshine? Get your fix of both in Kissimmee while on a swamp tour! If you haven't seen an alligator up close, you're missing out! You may even have the privilege of seeing a crocodile, too. Did you know that Florida is the only place in the world that is home to both gators and crocs? Pretty cool, right?! So switch up your selfie game and snap a pic with one of these fierce reptiles on an epic swamp tour!


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Florida Strawberry Festival

Where: 4800 US-301, Plant City

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Put a strawberry spin on the fair and enjoy this bucket list worthy celebration! The Florida Strawberry Festival is held annually at the Florida State Fairgrounds just outside of Tampa and is bustling with activities ranging from homegrown strawberry contests, strawberry-themed fair games, and concerts headlined by major artists like The Band Perry and Trace Adkins. The festival is 11 days of eating strawberry ice cream, strawberry funnel cake, and indulging in strawberry pie. We're sensing a "Strawberry Challenge" coming on! Are you game?


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Indian River Lagoon 

Where: US Hwy A1A, Indian River

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Get your healthy dose of bioluminescence and surreal sights at Indian River Lagoon. Comprised of three lagoons comically named The Banana Lagoon, The Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River, this beautiful locale offers you the chance to catch a glimpse of more than 10,000 different types of flora and fauna. It's also a great spot to practice your golf swing!


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Kennedy Space Center 

Where: SR 405 Kennedy Space Center, Orlando

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Florida is known for its pioneering efforts in space travel. Learn about the history of NASA, future projects, and the incredible journey that is space travel when you spend the day at Kennedy Space Center. Even if you went on your middle school field trip, we promise that there's always something awesome to be experienced while visiting this NASA hotspot!


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Great Florida Reef

Where: 102601 Overseas Highway, Key Largo

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Go down under to explore the Great Florida Reef in Key Largo. Scuba, snorkeling, and free swimming will let you get in touch with your inner Little Mermaid as you see some of Florida's most beautiful sights beneath the water. Who knows, you may even Find Nemo!


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Time Zone Border

Where: Gulf County

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Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Realize this fantasy in Gulf County, an area in Florida's Panhandle that is home to the border between the Easter and Central time zones. I don't know about you, but this is something I've wanted wanted to do ever since I swooned over A Walk To Remember when Landon brings Jamie to the North Carolina-Virginia border so that she can be in two places at once. So test your time traveling skills and make it an adventure to remember! (The beaches in Gulf County are pretty awesome, too!)


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The Florida Trail 

Where: Statewide

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Embrace your inner Reese Witherspoon and go on Florida's own version of Wild. The Florida Trail is a statewide trail of 1,100 miles that spans from Miami to Naples. With autumn just around the corner, it's the perfect time of year to plan an adventure on The Florida Trail to maximize the number of Insta pics with an array of red, orange, and yellow leaves in the background.

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Natural Springs

Where: 12087 SW U.S. Highway 27, Fort White

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Ichetucknee Springs State Park is your go-to location for natural springs. The turquoise water and rock formations are perfect for exploring by kayak, paddle boarding or free swimming. What better way to soak up some Vitamin D while enjoying beautiful scenery?!


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Mount Dora

Where: E 6th Ave, Mount Dora

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This adorable small town is truly postcard-worthy! From wooden docks to surreal sunsets, Mount Dora is known as a popular locale for weekend getaways. Make it a romantic trip with bae in a cute bed-and-breakfast, or travel solo for some peaceful meditation and time to recharge. Just looking at pictures of Mount Dora make us want to pour a glass of pinot grigio and take in a pastel sunset over the water!


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Where: 8045 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala

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Canyons Zip Line and Canopy Tours is a plethora of adventure! Ziplining through Florida's subtropical flora, kayaking on the water, and horseback riding are just some of the options available for exploring this incredibly backcountry locale. It's perfect for a group trip with friends!


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Castillo de San Marcos

Where: 1 S Castillo Dr, St Augustine

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Did you know that Florida is home to the nation's oldest masonry fort? Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine holds this prestigious honor and is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway filled with history, adventure, and prospects for some awesome Insta pics!


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Where: 10830 SW 180th Avenue Rd, Dunnellon

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Rainbow River State Park Tubing is your option for floating downstream, soaking up some rays, and enjoying the best that Florida has to offer! Seriously, is there anything more relaxing that going with the flow?! You can even bring your own cooler filled with delicious snacks and chilled beverages to enjoy as you float along the river!


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Swim with Sharks

Where: 701 Channelside Dr, Tampa

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Cross swimming with sharks off of your bucket list by visiting The Florida Aquarium in Tampa! This experience not only makes for awesome Insta pics, it's also perfect when you're in need of an adrenaline fix. Seriously, if swimming with sharks doesn't make your heart race you're insane! But it's also completely worthwhile and an amazing experience to boot! Make it a challenge by daring bae to see who can get closest to a real life Jaws! (And make sure that you follow all safety rules!)


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Blue Angels

Where: 280 Taylor Rd, Pensacola

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Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels, and you don't want to miss out on seeing the United States Navy's Demonstration Squadron of figher jets soar! With civilian air shows put on throughout the year, plan a weekend away and cap off an adventurous road trip with seeing these iconic planes in person. You won't be disappointed!


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Southernmost Point

Where: Intersection of South St & Whitehead St, Key Largo

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Head down to Key Largo to snap a pic at the southernmost point of the United States! Only 90 miles from Cuba, visiting this iconic landmark is a Floridian right of passage. We're sensing a new profile photo on the horizon!


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Daytona International Speedway

Where: 1801 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach

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Test your speed at Daytona International Speedway! This world renowned race track is a whirlwind of adventure with plenty of excitement to enjoy! Watch a race and cheer for your favorite driver, or get behind the wheel yourself for a ride along with a professional driver. We have a need for speed, and Daytona is the place to be if you do too!


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Orlando's Theme Parks

Where: Orlando

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If the shoe fits, wear it! Especially if it's Cinderella's glass slipper, which you can find in the heart of the state in Orlando. Home to some of Florida's most notable attractions, the theme parks in Orlando are filled with opportunities for adventure and excitement! Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios are among the many options available for a thrilling weekend away from the grind of your 9-5. Bring out your inner child by getting into character and playing the part of your favorite character (We'll be wearing our Hogwards robes!)


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Turtle Walks

Where: 14200 U.S. Highway 1, Juno Beach

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If you think that trying to find a viable match on Tinder is difficult, imagine being a sea turtle hatchling trying to make the life-or-death journey from beach to ocean. Every year, sea turtle eggs hatch on the sand of Juno Beach, and the hatchlings are tasked with ensuring safe passage into the water while avoiding predators and other life-threatening dangers.

Watching this natural journey is remarkable, like seeing a motivational poster come to life right in front of your eyes! You can even assist in helping these hatchlings make it safely to the water by volunteering with local organizations. C'mon, baby sea turtles are the cutest!


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Florida Caverns State Park

Where: 3345 Caverns Rd, Marianna

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Nature can be pretty incredible, and never has tha been more true than at Florida Caverns State Park. If you're looking for an escape from the Florida heat, the caverns remain at a cool 65 degrees all year long! Located in the pandhandle, these geological wonders are the only publicly accessible caverns in the state. Make the experience extra adventurous by camping at a nearby campsite. This is one locale you won't want to miss seeing!


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South Beach

Where: 701 Brickell Avenue, Miami

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When one thinks of Miami, it's impossible not to think of South Beach! Known for its vibrant night life, world-renowned restaurants, and upscale shopping, this hotspot is a must on your Florida bucket list! South Beach is perfect for morning, afternoon, and dancing the night away! So what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and hit the town!


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Swim with the Manatees

Where: 9301 W Fort Island Trail, Crystal River

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Crystal River is a haven for manatees, the adorable sea creatures affectionately termed "Sea Potatoes." In fact, Crystal River is known as the "Manatee Capital of the World." You can even go swimming with these cute creatures and have the chance to feed them, too! We've heard that they really like to eat lettuce...


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