After a Florida resident went missing on Monday news quickly spread that he could be dangerous. According to details released by Hillsborough County deputies, the Tampa native said he believed he was divine and wanted to "heal and kill" people.

With all the recent shootings and mass killings, threats like this are generally taken very seriously, and after 33-year-old Ariel Raul Rodriguez was reported missing by his family the police were not taking any chances.

According to information shared by WTSPRodriguez's statements, which included that he believed he is the lion the Bible talks about and that it is his mission to "heal and kill people," are being disputed by his family members after he Facetimed them to let them know his whereabouts in Tallahassee and that he was safe.

Family members are saying it was all a big misunderstanding and that Rodriguez said those things after a heated argument with his mother, however, the Sheriff's office has not confirmed if the statements made by the family members are accurate or not, or if he has been formally located.

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Currently, we are still waiting for any updates on the case and a spokesperson for the sheriff's department told 10News the following:

"Ariel has not made contact with the sheriff's office yet, and as far as I know, no one from the family has talked to our sergeant as of yet to confirm that he is no longer missing. Once deputies investigate and send information saying the alert is canceled we can put something out, but not until then."

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Since the statements made by Rodriguez were quite alarming, the police department has been working diligently to investigate the claims and obtain additional information about the suspect.

If you happen to know anything about his current whereabouts or additional information about his wellbeing, you can call the sheriff's office at 813-247-8000.

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