People who say that diamonds are a woman's best friend may have never met our good friend Mr. Chocolate. Something about a delicious melty bite is absolutely orgasmic to us ladies. Ooey gooey goodness will be coming to Sarasota this year at an all desserts all the time restaurant - and rumor has it their desserts are better than sex.

Better Than Sex is an all desserts and wine eatery with some of the most suggestive sugary sweet treats imaginable. With the immense success of their current locations in Key West and Orlando, Better Than Sex announced in an Instagram post that it is swingin' their sexy sweets on over to Sarasota this year.

The owners of the sweet shop teased that Better Than Sex will be opening a new franchised location in Sarasota, saying to expect it later this year. The currently estimated opening is in Summer 2019, but Better Than Sex also suggests keeping an eye on their social media profiles for updates. Their website also teases a St. Pete location with no opening estimate, which would bring more sexy sweets closer to The Bay as well.

Their huge menu of sexually themed sweets look like literal works of art, some of which make things extra steamy. Their orgasmic treats have names like "The Klimax""The Three Way", and "The Morning After" and they're sure to make some blush. One treat may remind you of your man's member; "The Fever" features a cake-like chocolate brownie, oozy chocolate pudding, and vanilla bean ice cream balls that look just like a Mr. Willy that lives down the street.

Photo of Better Than Sex A Dessert Restaurant - Orlando, FL, United States. Better than sex award winnervia Yelp

If you're already drooling and can't wait for the Sarasota location to open, their Orlando location is offering a limited time "Smokin' S'morgy" cheesecake through May. They say that you’ll be dreaming of that ‘one-night-stand’ by the campfire after your very first nibble. It all begins on a bed of a buttery graham cracker crust that oozes into a creamy dark chocolate cheesecake, topped off with roasted marshmallow meringue and just a hint of sea salt. It looks seriously divine.

Better Than Sex received an award from The Orlando Sentinel for Best Dessert in 2019, and was voted Best Date Spot For Desserts by readers of The Orlando Date Guide. With desserts that look this good, we can only imagine how good they taste. May dessert really can be better than sex.

If you're ready to indulge your sinful sweet tooth before the opening of the Sarasota location, Better Than Sex Orlando is located at 1905 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804 and is open 6 pm - 12 am Wednesday through Sunday. They are not open on Mondays or Tuesdays.

For more information about Better Than Sex, check out their website here. To stay up to date on the opening of their new locations, be sure to follow their Facebook page here.