Aaron Carter Just Shared A Shocking Before & After Of His Addiction Recovery (PHOTOS)

Oh Aaron, how far he's come!
Aaron Carter Shares Instagram Post With Before & After Of Drug Addiction Recovery

If you're a 90s baby, chances are you know who Aaron Carter is; the blonde hunk of every 90s girl's teen dreams. He 'Beat Shaq' and had us singing 'Oh Aaron' & 'I Want Candy' on repeat, but some may have forgotten that Carter also once struggled with addiction — in a shocking Instagram post, the 90s heartthrob shares a before and after of his recovery.

2 years ago today the singer revealed to the world that he had a problem. In his first interview on 'The Doctors', the star touched down on his routine cosmetic surgeries & that he was struggling with an addiction to the surgeries and prescription painkillers — going into detail with Daily Mail on what he was abusing.

He admitted that he was prescribed Xanax and Oxycodone, but when he was unable to refill the prescriptions he took to the street to obtain them illegally. He was almost unrecognizable as he teared up saying he wished he was better. You can see the heartbreaking clip from his original interview below.

2 years later to the day, the pop star has made a lot of progress; posting his dramatic before and after photos of his recovery to Instagram, opening up to his followers in the gut-wrenching post.

The post in part reads, "I have been blessed with an incredible life, while it hasn’t always been easy, it is my time to shine. I am growing and learning every day and I won’t stop ever. #recovery #mentalhealthawareness #2years". You go Aaron.

His progress is incredible and noticeable in the shots, one image showing sunken eyes, a gaut and sad looking Carter —the other full-faced, healthy, and smiling. You can see the post below.

The star has undoubtedly made a lot of progress, and his fans are proud of him. One comment reads, "Seeing the two pictures together I am absolutely dumbfounded and amazed! So proud of all you accomplished. You look so healthy and happy and I adore that so much!"

We couldn't agree more, but some commenters are unhappy with the star for hiding his mental health issues, calling him a liar. Part of the comment reads, "...saying you have NO mental health issues but you have multiple.. you lied".

It can be hard admitting to the world you have a problem, especially with the stigmas still existing around mental health. Addiction and mental health issues are a battle that millions of Americans struggle with each year — and it sadly has no bias, not even from celebs.

We Floridians were lucky enough to get a chance to see a healthy Carter in concert for free back in July, but even if we hadn't, we're just happy for Aaron and his progress on his continued journey through recovery. 

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