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This Tampa Center Lets You Adopt Adorable Retired Race Pups

It's basically cuddle central.
Adopt A Dog Near Tampa And Make A Retired Racing Greyhound Your New Cuddle Buddy

If you’re in the mood to hunker down and spend some more time curled up on the sofa, it can be nice to have a furry friend to snuggle with. And those of you looking to adopt a dog near Tampa to be your couch potato buddy might want to consider giving a super sweet retired race pup a home. Who knows, some of these Greyhounds could have you absolutely aww-ing over their furry little faces.

Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions in Tarpon Springs finds good homes for the greyhound dogs who are finally free from a life at the race tracks.

They place their incredible fur babies using an application that helps match the dogs with owners based on personality, lifestyle, and expectations. It’s kind of like a dating app but for dog ownership instead!

Right now, the pet adoption center has ten greyhounds up for adoption on With names like Sonny, Mae, and Nemo, they could already seem like a part of your family. Add to that those big brown eyes and sweet doggie smiles, and their furry faces might just make you fall in love.

Just keep in mind that greyhound adoption and bringing a pet home is a huge responsibility, both on your legs and on the bank!

Since the dogs can run up to 45 mph, it’s important to make sure that you can give your new best friend the exercise they need.

Making sure they're happy, healthy, and well-fed with regular vet visits and the tastiest kibble is also super important, so be prepared for the center to ask some personal financial and lifestyle questions.

In the end, if you’re a good match for the animal, the adoption process will be worth it, because you’ll be spreading the love and giving a cuddly cute creature a furever home.

Whether you’ve been planning on adopting a dog for ages or are just starting to explore your possibilities, you can learn more and check out adoptable pups on Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions' website here.

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