If you're a fan of small things, and we do mean all of them, you're going to be really hype later this month. Fans still wearing chains and belting pop-punk rock anthems can rock out on the cheap at a Blink-182 show in Tampa later this month. 

Blink-182 will be making a stop in Tampa on their North American tour and all of our nostalgic angst is waiting to be unleashed. Time to rock the liberty spikes or don a bad-ass mohawk again.

Blink-182 has been to Tampa before a few times, and they must have missed us so much that they're offering their cheapest tickets to the event at $37.50 a pop. Now THAT is one of those small things we like.

The $37.50 ticket price gets you on the lawn where there aren't any actual seats, but feel free to bring a blanket to lay out or a low-profile lawn or deck chair. They've been known to put on a killer show, so of course, most of us will be standing - headbanging, and rockin' out.

If you want to get a little bit closer, the ticket prices are still relatively affordable. A back row seat will run anywhere between $52 and $58 for a certified resale ticket up to $80-$120 for a seat behind the box.

Once you start getting up closer to the stage within the sweat zone of the band, the price goes up a bit more. If you have the big bucks to spend, you can sit in the orchestra seats or mosh in the pit for anywhere between $137 and $300.

Not only will this concert have you belting Blink-182's 'First Date', but 2 other musical talents will also be performing including Neck Deep - who has a catchy pop-punk style similar to that of Blink-182's, and Lil' Wayne. 

No matter what ticket choice you go for, you'll want to make this night last forever; good thing we can immortalize our experiences and nostalgia with a photo or video that will be in our pockets and on our social media pages forever, and ever.

Blink-182 at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union

When: Friday, July 26th at 7:30 pm

Where: MIDFLORIDA Credit Union - 4802 US-301, Tampa, FL 33610

Why you need to go: Soak up the nostalgia of your angsty days and enjoy the punk rock anthems of your generation all over again at this Blink-182 concert. Tickets for the lawn area are super cheap at only $37 each, and upgrading to standard seats isn't too much more hovering around the $52-$62 range. You'll also see Neck Deep and Lil' Wayne at this show.

You can purchase tickets through the event website here.