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This Spot In Tampa Just Created An Extravagant Pink Shake To Help Local Floridians

Indulging your sweet tooth for a good cause.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month In Florida Celebrated With A Freak Shake

Bake n Babes in Tampa has made a name for themselves with their over the top shakes and scrumptious sweets, offering some of the most decadent desserts in the area. This month Bake n Babes will be celebrating breast cancer awareness month with a limited freak shake, and all for a good cause.

Bake n' Babes is no stranger to serving over the top milkshakes; every month they bless us with a new one for a limited time, bringing our wildest sweet tooth dreams to life; previous shakes have included a Lizzo freak shake that was almost too perfect to eat & the salty and sweet Oktoberfest shake.

We all may have known someone who has struggled in a fight against breast cancer and how hard it was for them; with October being breast cancer awareness month Bake n Babes decided to bring awareness to the disease in the best way they know-how, with a sweet shake.

[rebelmouse-image 25949988 photo_credit="Bake n Babes" expand=1 original_size="1365x2048"]

The Think Pink! shake showcases some poppin' pink realness, featuring a pink vanilla shake with chocolate drizzle & matching sprinkles, topped off with a strawberry shortcake bar (a personal fave), cotton candy, lollipop, a frosted cupcake, and the cutest pink rubber ducky with a breast cancer awareness ribbon on the belly. Uhm, yes please!

[rebelmouse-image 25949989 photo_credit="Bake n Babes" expand=1 original_size="2048x1365"]

The shake was the brainchild of Bake n Babes baker Jenn Ingandela, who won her battle with breast cancer; she couldn't complete everyday tasks like cleaning the house or driving her kids to school, let alone think about work when she was receiving treatments. Ingandela's husband worked full time, but money was tight, and treatments are expensive.

"You have no idea how much $500 would have helped me," Ingandela told her co-workers at the bakery that it would have been nice to be able to order carryout & not have to worry about dinner for one night throughout her battle with the disease; this inspired Bake n Babes to step up to the plate this year and help out a Florida local battling the condition that may be in need.

A portion of the proceeds from purchases of this $20 perfectly pink shake will be donated to Victoria Burnham, 25; their Think Pink! champion currently receiving treatment for her battle with breast cancer at the Moffitt Cancer Center. Their hope is to alleviate just that little bit of stress as she works through this difficult period in her life.*

Bake n' Babes also seeks to raise awareness about the disease and the impact it makes on a person's life, while also letting others who may be struggling with breast cancer know that they are not alone. Every day for the month of October they will share stories from other Bay Area Babes battling breast cancer to their stories on Instagram.

Sipping on freak shake sweetness never sounded so good — if you want to support the cause, the Think Pink! freak shake will be available starting tomorrow, October 1st and can be enjoyed until 10/12. You can snag yours at Bake n' Babes inside of the Hall on Franklin, located at 1701 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602.*

If you don't think you'll be breaking your diet for this shake any time soon but still want to support the cause, donations to assist Victoria Burnham with medical costs can be done directly through this website.**This article has been updated

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