There’s nothing quite like something cute and furry to bring a spark of joy to your day, and these adorable little cheetah cubs exploring Busch Gardens' zoo in Tampa Bay will do just that! The duo, aptly named Dash and Chase, are six-month-old siblings who are adventuring around the temporarily closed zoo as a way to stimulate their daily routines. While the cubs are the ones benefiting from the excursion, the cuteness overload is totally enriching our days, too!

In the videos posted to Busch Gardens social media accounts, you can catch the little cuties wandering the grounds, secured to their handlers with harnesses.

While they've explored Busch Gardens once before, their adventure today took them to meet some new friends, as well as on a scenic stroll through the sights of the park's Serengeti Plains.

With curious eyes they watch a hippo swim right up to them, see their big cat counterpart Zahra the tiger saunter by, and even turn their heads in child-like wonder at an orangutan tapping the glass before them.

The scene seems to perfectly imitate the same fascination little kids get when they wander the park. Can it possibly get any more adorable than this?

While Chase and Dash play tourist and check-in on their animal friends, the outing is both a way to enrich their routines and allows the zoo to continue to educate guests from home on the welfare and lives of their animals.

Busch Gardens is owned and operated by Seaworld Parks and Entertainment. On their website, the company reassured concerned guests that they were monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and that their vets are up to date on symptoms in animals, as well as response plans — and that the park's animal care experts will continue to look after the health and well-being of their animals.

Animals exploring zoos is just one way we can find respite and a little bit of joy during this time while we wait for the next time we can see them in person.