Busch Garden's New Record-Breaking Coaster Looks Like It's Right On Time For Opening

We can't wait to ride this monster of a coaster!
Busch Gardens Tampa New Coaster Iron Gwazi Construction Update Looks Promising

About a month ago, we theme park enthusiasts got one of the most exciting bits of news we could have possibly imagined: that Busch Gardens Tampa's new coaster would be the tallest hybrid coaster in North America standing at 200 ft., as well as the fastest & steepest hybrid coaster in the world — and their update they just posted to Instagram has us even more excited for what's to come.

We learned that this new high-speed hybrid coaster would combine the existing bones of the Iron Gwazi coaster that closed in 2015 with new twists and turns, with an expected opening date in 2020. While the official opening date hasn't been announced yet, the short update posted to their Instagram page this morning has us thinking we might get it sooner in the year, rather than later.

The caption for their post reads, "Well that escalated quickly... 🤯 #IronGwazi" — and according to the video footage, it really did. Check out the short clip below.

Compared to one of the original sneak peeks they posted (as seen below), a TON of progress has been made. What looked like a bare base before has really started to take shape into a fully-fledged and badass coaster.

It appears that the majority of the base frame & track work has been laid, putting the coaster right on schedule for its 2020 opening. The official opening date has yet to be determined, but Busch Garden's updates have been FIRE, & their hints have commenters guessing we will see it before Easter or shortly after. 

Additional video footage of this monster of a coaster was posted to Youtube as well by MidwayMayhem, giving us 20 juicy minutes of aerial footage that really shows off the sheer scale of this record-breaking beast to come, as well as close-ups of the amazing construction workers hard at work to keep this project steady on track. The full video can be seen below.

The more we see of this massive coaster, the more excited we get. You can stay up to date on the progress of the new record-breaking Iron Gwazi Hybrid Coaster by following Busch Garden's on Instagram, or by keeping tabs on their website here.

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