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A New Record Breaking Roller Coaster Is Being Built At Busch Gardens Tampa Right Now

Calling all thrill seekers and theme park enthusiasts.
A New Record Breaking Roller Coaster Is Being Built At Busch Gardens Tampa Right Now

Everyone knows the most thrilling thing about amusement parks are the roller coasters, and the bigger they are the better. Back in 2015, Busch Gardens ended the story of the beloved Gwazi coaster, closing down the dueling track wooden coaster to riders forever; however, they recently released a photo of a new roller coaster in progress, and it's expected to hold some pretty awesome world records.

In an Instagram post, Busch Gardens posted the progress photo, showing the bones of the coaster underway. The yet to be named coaster will be wood and steel hybrid - keeping some of the Gwazi's existing wooden structure.

The post reads, "It's official... the first track pieces have been placed😍 #2020Rising". While the exact date of opening is unknown, we're excited to see the final product. You can see the first part of the new track below.

Most of the commenters on the post are stoked for the new coaster, saying they expect it to be the best rollercoaster in the world - and with the records it's expected to hold, that could very well be possible.

According to their website, at completion, Busch Garden's new rollercoaster will not only be the tallest hybrid roller coaster in North America standing taller than 200 feet, but it will also hold the titles for the fastest and steepest hybrid coaster in the entire world. We definitely need to ride this beast when it's finished.

They even posted a teaser video showcasing the last 60 years of the park's adrenaline-pumping coasters and rides that continue to fill our thrill-seeking addictions - then announcing the new coaster with a sneak peek of the ride simulated at the end. You can see the full video below.

2019 at Busch Gardens has seen its fair share of excitement though too. Earlier this year we got Florida's tallest launch coaster, the Tigris; we also recently saw new animal encounters added to the theme park - where you can pet and feed gentle sloth and rhino, as well as some spooky announcements of a new haunted house called The Residence to haunt us at this year's Howl-o-Scream.

Some people aren't as stoked that it's partially a wooden coaster, but we're keeping an open mind and are ready to ride. Why does 2020 have to feel so far away? It looks like the coaster will be purple too - what could they possibly have in store for us? We'll have to wait and see.

To stay up to date on the latest Busch Gardens gossip, check out their website here.

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