Florida weather is known to be a little crazy; hot one minute, pouring the next, then 2 days of cold weather out of nowhere isn't uncommon. Those 2 days of cold generally come later in the year, but we're in for some colder weather this November & December according to central Florida monthly weather forecasts.

After having a record-setting high of 91 degrees on Halloween this year, beating out the 90 degrees record of 1922, Florida is about to get a little bi-polar as a cold front blows through the Sunshine State.

Tampa is expecting to see temperatures slowly drop throughout the month, with today sporting a high of 85 and a low of 73. As the week goes on, you may want to grab a jacket if you have any outdoor weekend plans, as you'll be chillin' in lows of 64, 60, and 63 degrees Friday through Sunday.

Depending on who you ask, you might think it's pretty cool that it gets even cooler as the month goes on. The end of November will see highs as low as 75, with lows dipping into the high 50s.

Tampa's not the only area expecting plummeting temps. Orlando will see a steady decline throughout November with highs hovering around the mid-to-low 70s, and lows dipping into the mid-50s. Early December in Orlando will see weak highs of 71 with freezing lows (at least by Florida standards) of 49 & 50 degrees. We're definitely grabbing a sweater, maybe even a scarf too.

Most people come down from The Great White North to the Sunshine State to escape the winter weather, but it may actually feel a lot more like Christmas this year. While others may be dreading the dropping temps, some will be living for sweater weather and cooler days — we'll be wondering which it is for you.

This cooler weather is fantastic for getting in the holiday spirit too! If you're ready for all those Hallmark Movie Holiday vibes, check out the world's largest Christmas light maze coming to St. Pete or enjoy a Christmas Town Market and over a million lights at Busch Gardens Tampa; you can even ride down snow tubes & see ice sculptures or drive bumper cars on ice this Holiday season in the Sunshine State.

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