The Clearwater Marine Aquarium's Live Cams Let You Swim With Sealife From Your Couch

Under the sea, but from home.
Clearwater Marine Aquarium Has Live Cams So You Can Go Under The Sea From Home

You may be stuck at home right now, but that doesn't mean you have to be bored or give up doing the things you love — especially now that there are so many forms of virtual entertainment out there. If you're a lover of all things marine life you might love this news. Clearwater Marine Aquarium has live cams, so grab your popcorn bowl, craft a cocktail and swim with sea turtles, dolphins, and more right from your couch.

If you've always been seduced by the calm and zen way in which sea turtles glide through the water, you can start with Mavis's Rescue Hideaway Cam, home to the turtle-actor Harold.

Harold played a rescued sea turtle named Mavis in the movie Dolphin Tale 2, and now you can see him swimming and hanging out at the bottom of the aquarium habitat live from your living room.

Harold is not alone in his undersea shenanigans though. Five other turtles keep him company, so you might also see Cupid, Titus, Ula, Madam, and Stubby floating around too. 

The sea turtle habitat has a diverse range of fish swimming about as well. Other marine creatures you can spot on this live cam include hogfish, tarpon, red-fish, lookdowns, and stingrays. 

The sea turtle cam isn't the only one that lets you dive under the sea without leaving your home; Clearwater Marine Aquarium has other live cams you can check out to help chase away that cabin fever.

You can glimpse dolphin stars Winter and Hope, who also starred in Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2. You can also peep the other two adorable resident dolphins PJ and Nicholas. They spend their days swimming happily in their connected areas.

The otter cam offers unlimited fun as these adorable creatures are among everyone's favorites, right? Clearwater Marine Aquarium is home to North American river otters named Walle and Boomer.

Finally, their pelican cam lets you explore the newest habitat at the aquarium. There you can see admire the adventures of Ricky, Skylar, Matthew, and Tyndall. They love to swim and chase their keepers around for tasty treats. Ricky also played the part of Rufus in Dolphin Tale.

Whether you love the sea or are an avid animal lover looking for some at-home magic, these live cams will take you on a trip under the sea.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Live Cams

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: Take a break from Netflix and get lost in the zen feeling of these marine live cameras. Watch animals as they swim about in their aquatic homes.