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Carole Baskin Says Big Cat Rescue May Never 'Open For Regular Tours Again'

Goodbye to all the cool cats and kittens.

Could this be goodbye? Carole Baskin posted to Facebook on Thursday, April 16 that she's considering closing Big Cat Rescue to the public. Though you can still donate to all those cool cats and kittens in the meantime.

"This is why I don't think we will be able to open for regular tours again," Baskin says in the Facebook post. "There is just too much opportunity for people to put their own desires ahead of the greater good. We are trying to find ways that the cats can be cared for in a post-COVID-19 world."

Carole Baskin and her Big Cat Rescue are most noted for being on the Netflix hit show, Tiger King.

Baskin's had shared and responded to Monica Spires' Facebook post that was commenting on the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.

"History, if only people paid more attention and learned from our ancestors... of course, the one that should re-learn history can't unless it's on Twitter," Spires writes

Spires is a volunteer at Baskin's cat sanctuary. The image both Spires and Baskin posted compares the Spanish flu to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

"People grew sick of the social distancing measures as they dragged on into the summer of 1918. When the great war finally ended in late November, people took to the streets to celebrate their good fortune. In the coming weeks, the second wave of the pandemic killed more people than the war. It's not a game," the image reads.

The rescue has been closed to the public for over two weeks since Hillsborough County has been under a "safer-at-home order" from March 27.

Following the closure, all signs heading to the entrance have been taken down or concealed to the public despite the sanctuary still operating. 

Though it has not been finalized, the possible move is another twist in a story that has garnered a lot of attention in the media since the release of the original Netflix show, including an expected sequel.

Don't fret. Baskin was able to find a way for those to still support the sanctuary's big cats.

Those who want to help can donate to the rescue every time they shop on Amazon by picking Big Cat Rescue as their charity.