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Dream Job Alert: Professional Dog Cuddlers Needed In Florida

Tampa Bay Humane Society is in desperate need of dog snugglers.

Do you love dogs? Does cuddling a homeless pooch sound like a dream job for you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we have good news. The Tampa Bay Humane Society is in need of dog snugglers. 

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According to the information shared by iHeartDogsthe Humane Society of Tampa Bay is looking to add to their team of volunteer dog cuddlers now that many of their student volunteers have left for the season.

The dogs are often those that have recently come out of surgery and are feeling uneasy, confused and scared.

Below is a post made by the humane society that shows Jeff, a volunteer and one of their "pro cuddlers" in action (and clearly enjoying every minute of it):

Jeff recently did an interview with ABC News describing the position, which he calls "a great experience" and his "dog fix" - he has four cats at home. He spends about 10 hours a week comforting pups. 

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And now is your chance to get your dog fix! If you would like to volunteer or see more information about the positions offered you can click here to go to the humane society's official website.