Get some hands-on experience dealing with the most special little bugs at a Florida bee farm. Bees everywhere were just declared the most important living thing on Earth, and quite appropriately. For what seems like the last decade, we’ve heard cries of “save the bees” and “support local honey.”

Unfortunately, they’ve also joined the endangered species list, with around 90% of the population having disappeared in the last few years. The culprit seems to be pesticides, deforestation, and lack of flowers.

If there was ever a time to be buying organic food and planting in your community garden, now is it.

Located in Clearwater, the Florida Bee Farm is a mini eco-farm that runs entirely on solar power. They also grow tons of plants and produce using organic growing methods and naturally made compost.

Their bees are grown organically as well, as they are not treated with chemicals or fed sugar water. The all-natural honey they produce is available raw at their store in house and online, and when you book a hive tour, you can try some complimentary honey!

They even have a ‘honey self-serve box’ at the Bee Farmgate, so you can grab one of their one-pound contains even after hours and either leave the $12 in an envelope, or send it via PayPal.

Hive tours are available on select days and is highly dependent on the weather.

A protective jacket and gloves are provided for guests, but it’s recommended that you wear long pants, closed-toed shows, and baseball-cap type of hat to keep the veil from falling your face.

After a brief introduction, a smoker will be lit which is used to mask bee alarm pheromones and helps to keep them calm. Inside the apiary, a hive will be opened, and guests will even get to hold a frame and examine the bees up close.

You’ll get to see the different types of honeybees, and maybe even witness baby bees emerging from a cell in the comb. If you’re lucky, you may even see the queen!

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Florida Bee Farm

Price: $59

When: Select days available

Address: 1926 Strauch Rd. Clearwater, Fl 33760

Why You Need To Go: Play with bees, try some honey, and learn about the most important living being!