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You Can Take A Romantic Evening Cruise For 2 In Florida For Only $35 With This Groupon Deal

Your boo deserves a date night, & you do too!
You Can Take A Romantic Evening Cruise For 2 In Florida For Only $35 With This Groupon Deal

When it comes to cruises, most expect to pay a pretty penny; however, you can sometimes find one that doesn't break the bank — and we have this Florida Cruise Groupon deal to thank for that!

Not everyone wants to cruise around the islands, some people just want a romantic night for 2 on the water to cherish each other & watch the sunset.

This deal gives you and your special someone a night to remember on a 2 & a half to 3-hour cruise. Guests will depart on the ship from Clearwater Beach Marina or the Corey Causeway in St. Pete Beach, admiring the beauty of The Bay along the way.

Aside from beautiful views, you'll also be able to dance the night away to live entertainment onboard.

The best part? Tickets to this cruise are only $35 through Groupon. Until tomorrow, Dec. 7th, 2019, they're offering an additional $5 off to anyone who books their mini excursion.

StarLite also has the option for guests to add on optional dinner entrees for an additional fee that chefs will prepare while you explore the ship.

The ship departs on Tuesdays & Saturdays at 7 p.m., with boarding starting at 6:30 p.m.; the Sunday bruise boards at 5:30 p.m., with departure at 6.

Your boo deserves a date night, & so do you! At $35 (or $30 if you book on Dec. 6th), this is an affordable date night for two that we can't afford to not go to.

Cheers to keeping the romance alive without breaking the bank! An overview of the Romantic Evening Cruise Groupon Deal can be found below. 

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StarLite Majesty Evening Cruise For 2

Original Price: $75

Sale Price: $35 — or $30 until Dec. 7th, 2019.

Why You Need It: An affordable date night that you & your boo deserve. Cruise throughout Tampa Bay, enjoying dinner & drinks (optional add on) as you watch the sunset on The Bay.

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