Ripe old with age, the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg are over 100-years-old, but they certainly don't look it! With over 50,000 flourishing floral and plant life, there is no shortage of Insta-worthy shots at this garden for you to add to your budding feed. 

When you think botanical gardens the first thing that comes to mind is probably a ritzy garden party for only the elite and wealthy - complete with white gloves and those big fancy hats. Tucked away in bustling St. Petersburg Florida, this botanical garden has affordable admission prices for everyone and is blooming with romantic and picturesque floral plant-scapes.

The gardens are overflowing with exotic plant life, flowers, waterfalls, and flamingos that you can view on the cozy winding garden pathways. During your casual stroll you will find there are many places that are perfect to stop for a quick snap.

If you've ever wanted to see a flock of flamingos up close you can do that here without having to go to the zoo. Until 2015 they only had 2 flamingos that had been around since 1956; they now house 20 vibrant pink birds doing their signature 1 legged bird of paradise pose - and they're so close, you could almost touch them!

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The Sunken Gardens are an important part of history for St. Petersburg, and they're always striving to make the gardens more and more beautiful for everyone to admire each year, and is located in the historic Old Northeast neighborhood.

If you're native to Florida or local to St. Petersburg and have never been to the sunken gardens, you need to go! The parking is free, and admission is only $10 for adults, $8 for seniors (62+), or $4 for children (2-11). If you see yourself being a frequent garden go-er, they also offer a membership that grants unlimited year-round admission and access to exclusive discounts.

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To visit the stunning Sunken Gardens they are located at 1825 4th St. N., St Petersburg, FL 33704. If you'd like more information about the botanical gardens, you can view their facebook page here or the St. Pete attractions page.

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