6 Ways To Split Florida According To Reddit & Apparently This Area Is "The Thunderdome"

The "Thunderdome" swipes right through the "Scary Interstate of Death"
Florida Meme On Reddit Dividing States Hilariously Shows Tampa As The Thunderdome

It's so easy to be divided on things, especially in the world of the internet. Whether it's about your favorite music, sports teams, city pride, traffic, types of people...literally anything under the sun really, opinion will always keep people & places divided. According to a Florida meme on Reddit, there are 6 ways to divide the state based on multiple different themes, & Floridians are finding it hilariously accurate.

In a post made by Reddit user u/th3thrilld3m0n, we see 6 silhouettes of Florida from an unknown creator, each with their own unique divisions. Instead of dividing lines for communities & counties, we see divisions based on some things a little different.

You'll see everything from swamplands to sports teams, and even opinions on Miami thinking it shouldn't be represented by the rest of Florida, while the rest of Florida thinks we Sunshine Staters aren't representative of Miami — there are definitely plenty of cute cities that stand out in Florida other than Miami, despite its awesomeness; but one division map stands out among the rest.

We see a traffic split map with areas color-blocked out representing I-10, I-75, I-95, and areas under permanent construction for all eternity — but one zone straight through Tampa & the Judgemental Map's "Scary Interstate of Death" blocked out in deep purple can't be ignored: "THE THUNDERDOME". You can see the full meme below.

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Anyone driving up to Orlando knows just how much of a cluster f*ck the Mad Max-esque traffic in the 'Walt Disney Wasteland' is, which makes the label literal perfection; disagreements from Sunshine Staters on a recent study's determination that Orlando is one of the best cities to drive goes further to say just how horrible people find the traffic in the "Thunderdome".

Commenters also discuss who would be the mayor of barter town from the film in a hilarious retort to the Thunderdome comments. Apparently Bob from Bob's Barricades is the mayor of bartertown; but coincidentally his name isn't Bob, it's... Alan? u/BAXterBEDford hilariously managed to back up his comment with a link to the Bob's Barricades website.

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Many people living in the "constantly under construction" zones confirmed the constant bloom of the orange traffic cone — might as well make it the new state flower, eh? A couple of people were also in agreement that I-4 in the Thunderdome Zone needs a little brown construction circle.

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While most of us can agree that this is super accurate, not everyone thinks their home in the swamps is so bad. It's a MARSH, thank you!

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Florida is pretty swampy though, which explains all the gators and our ability to literally zip line over them at Gatorland.

Whether we agree with all the divisions or not, most everyone can agree, Florida traffic just sucks; but not all of Florida sucks, there's a lot of cool hidden bars in Tampa worth finding, beautiful places to hunt for colorful seashells & intact sand dollars, and crystal clear springs that take our breaths away. Here's to "The colorful lawless swamp." — thanks, Michael Scott.

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