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You Can Eat Oranges Right From The Tree At This Dreamy Florida Grove

You can officially blame it on the juice!
Florida Orange Picking Farm Lets You Pick Your Own Juicy Fruits Straight From The Tree

Have you ever gone orange picking before? Florida is #blessed with some of the juiciest oranges in the country, which can make that moment of plucking a ripe piece of fruit from the tree even more satisfying. The only problem is that most orange groves are not open to the public. Now, thanks to this adorable family-owned Florida orange picking farm located conveniently between Tampa and Orlando, Floridians can eat oranges straight from the tree. 

At Ridge Island Groves, you will have the chance to explore an actual, functioning citrus farm and even harvest your very own treats.

The grove offers a guided tour of the grounds for only $8, which takes guests through the sea of green trees that dot their gorgeous landscape. For an additional dollar per pound of fruit, you can wander from tree to tree, feeling the weight of each orange in your palm and plucking only the ripest, freshest ones. 

Grab your bae, your bestie, or even your entire squad, and spend an afternoon soaking up the sun, feeling the sandy farm grounds beneath your feet, and tasting the sweetness of some juicy oranges.

If this is the path back to nature, I say that it’s time to get natural! This is the stuff that Florida is made of.

For the folks who aren’t trying to get too caught-up in dreamy farm life, Ridge Island Groves also has a super cute store with some of the most delicious homemade eats.

Take a peek at the groves and then saunter over to the shop, where you can buy some yummy souvenirs like jelly, honey and — of course — entire carts of citrus fruits.   

Get ready dig in! 

If you are looking for a sweet drink to sip after a full afternoon in the sunshine, the grove also serves a variety of traditional and unique citrus juices that range from classic orange to grapefruit to tangerine. Take a seat in the shade and enjoy a slow, Southern afternoon with a cool cup of juice. 

There may not be a more natural way to connect with one of Florida’s most famous flavors.

Just keep in mind that the farm is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., so you'll want to make your evening plans elsewhere.  

And don't forget your tennis shoes! According to the farm's website, the groves are super sandy. This means that you are going to want to cover up your toesies.  

Whether you are trying to immerse yourself in farm life, are seeking the juiciest fruits, or just want to escape the city grind for a few hours, Ridge Island Groves is an ideal place for you to unwind with some of your favorite peeps.

Ridge Island Groves

Price: $8 to explore the groves, plus an additional dollar per pound of picking.

Address: 6000 Polk City Road, Haines City, FL

Why You Need To Go: Savor some of the freshest oranges around as you pluck them straight from the tree. The flavors are great, and the price is reasonable. Go ahead and spend an afternoon in the country!


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