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Florida Sheriff's Office Plays Best April Fools Prank And Welcomes Great White Shark To Marine Unit

Pasco County Sheriff's Office takes joyful and hilarious approach to April Fools Joke

April Fools jokes - we're used to them being things that really grind people's gears. Pasco County's April Fool's Prank took a more playful approach with a just a touch of serious - releasing a mock press conference, complete with photo, to welcome Chomp to the Marine Unit.

In a post made on Twitter, Pasco Sheriff released a video to brief everyone on their new addition. They were proud to introduce Chomp - the first great white shark ever to be added to their Marine Unit. They hold up a picture of Chomp, photoshop-clad in his Pasco County Gear that says "Sheriff H20". Shortly after they posted the photo as well, which you can see below - and it's pretty hilarious:

Help us in welcoming the newest member of our Marine Unit, Chomp! pic.twitter.com/di8dj6anQp

April 1, 2019

They continue on to include that they understand the public may be concerned, given the history of movies -like Jaws- and assure us that Chomp has been trained for the past several months by Corp. Bollenbacher. Further, they vouch that great whites are curious and intelligent. You can watch the fantastic full 2 minutes and 20-seconds video they shared below:

Here to protect our beautiful Pasco waters, meet the newest member of our Marine Unit, Chomp! pic.twitter.com/7PAeNhfvHq

April 1, 2019

People were absolutely LOVING this wholesome April Fool's Joke. Some even chimed in with some witty jokes of their own. You can see some of the responses to the video below:

Now that's the way, to take a bite out of crime! 😀

April 1, 2019

😆😆 You will need to alter the siren on any units requiring Chomp’s assistance to play the Jaws music. Daaa-dum, daaa-dum... 🦈

April 1, 2019

😂😂😂this made me laugh so hard! Very clever! 😂😂😂

April 2, 2019

Some people still wanted more answers. They had a few questions about Chomp like these on the post of the photo as seen below:

😳 Whats Chomp’s favorite snacks? pic.twitter.com/WdGbW4IyWx

April 1, 2019

What does Chomp like to do in his free time?

April 1, 2019

what are you using him for! OR is this an April fools joke?

April 1, 2019

Even after being reassured that Chomp was well trained, someone still wouldn't want to get in the water with the shark - even if this was true.

I’ll welcome him from the big boat thank you pic.twitter.com/MeQ5MJOz7E

April 1, 2019

After everything was said and done, the Florida Sherrif's Office released one final video seriously answering everyone's questions. You can watch that full video below:

Update on our newest Marine Unit member!Happy #AprilFools! 😜 pic.twitter.com/VXlF9PAYqR

April 1, 2019

To see the full array of comments or keep up with the Pasco County Sherrif's Office, check their Twitter page here.